Risultati e ambizioni di una grande storia di cooperazione

Albanian Daily News intervista Nino Merola.

There is great potential for the growth of the Albanian economy, says the Head of Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (IADC), Nino Merola, who made a wrap up of the activities of the Agency in Albania while unveiling the ambitions for the future cooperation.

Speaking to Albanian Daily News in an exclusive interview Mr. Merola laid special stress on the maritime field seeing in what he called ‘Blue Economy’ an untapped potential source. “Italy has offered its partnership and friendship to Albania in order to start this action,” he said, adding that work had already started on several topics and issues which are linked to the maritime economy, support to fisheries’ activities, both industrial and artisanal, aquaculture, lagoons etc. “When we talk about environment we talk about nature. I think that Italy is the leading partner in this field. We have financed the creation of 10 national parks plus the national marine park that does exist in Albania. We consider that nature is one of the main assets for Albania’s development not only from the economic point of view but also from the point of integration in EU,” noted Mr. Merola full of enthusiasm for Albania’s gorgeous nature.

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