PO – Preview of the 360-degree footage of the Hospital Ship Po sunk in the bay of Vlore during World War II


Two letters. In Albanian they mean Yes. For Italy they mean much more. A unique heritage, the Hospital Ship Po, immersed in the waters of the Bay of Valona, the protected marine area of Karaburun Sazan. The Italian Cooperation supports its safeguard and enhancement. The 360-degree underwater filming has just been completed, to promote knowledge of its history to the public. We share a preview of some screenshots. The cooperation documents highlight the potential of the sank Hospital Ship Po for the development of sustainable tourism and the opportunities for economic stability for local communities. For Italy, the Hospital Ship Po, a treasure to be discovered, is not just a diving, tourist attraction. It contains the personal stories of many women and men, who soon, through the immersive vision open to the public, will be able to relive in the new Italy – Albania cooperation center in Vlore. Follow all the updates on our institutional website and on our social pages.