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The Italian Cooperation participated in the International Tourism Fair, Tirana 5/6 April 2019, with a joint stand with the NaturAl project, AKZM and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Albania. On the stand, in addition to meetings and workshops, a large installation promoted Nature as an essential asset for our future. A special thanks to the Junior Rangers of Fier and Tirana, who welcomed Minister Anila Denaj, Minister Blendi Klosi and HE Alberto Cutillo, Ambassador of Italy to Tirana.

MONOLITH II. Nature is an astonishing monolith for humanity. It continuously raises questions about the meaning of life and the survival of the Earth. We can’t stand silently watching anymore. If we don’t want the 2100 to be a journey into the unknown, we must react. The development of our lives, our happiness and our wealth depend on how we will be able to answer the increasingly clear and pressing questions that the Environment poses to us and from which we cannot escape.

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